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Image of Chad Oringer holding scissors that  cut through a graphics that reads 'Cut With Love: Los Angeles, CA'

Look good.

Feel good.

Be good.

Cut with love.

About us

Different styles. Voices. Different backgrounds. Different passions.

Together... we all cut with love.

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It takes the skills, talents, and unique abilities of every person on our team to deliver the kind of creativity, service, and style that wows our clients and keeps them coming back again and again. It’s why, at ChadO’s, we believe you shouldn’t just get to know one of us. We’d like you to know all of us because when we’re all cutting together, there’s just a little more love in the air.

Let's meet some of the team.

Image of Chelsea
Graphic of a purple heart with scissors


What most inspires you?

As a special FX Artist, I’m definitely most inspired by horror movies. I’m a self-proclaimed Sci-Fi nerd, so let’s geek out together when you’re next in the shop! If I’m not playing piano or at a show, you’ll find me crafting, sculpting, or making all kinds of weird and beautiful things, from fantastical creatures to candles and jewelry.


What's your biggest passion?

That’s tough to choose just one, but I’m a dance mom, so do I need to say anymore? Oh, I do..ok…well, my child aside and spending time with family, I love to exercise and enjoy hiking to connect with nature and myself. I love to plan events and love to teach all things hair. I’m part of the PTA and volunteer whenever I can, as giving back is always a passion for creating change and doing good..and of course, I can’t miss my dog, Berry, because if he knew he hadn’t been mentioned, there might be trouble.

Image of Tangie
Graphic of a purple heart with scissors

Our Story

One week short of nine years at my former barbershop location on Melrose, LA, I was laid off. Covid hit and so, my story begins...


The barbershop closed and soon after the chain that had been my employer for over twenty years went bankrupt. March was the beginning of a difficult time for us all, but the barber business got hit hard.  


In California the Governor declared barbering an unessential service so everything shut down, but soon after we were allowed to cut hair again and so I pulled my Takara Belmont Elegance barber chair out of the garage and set it up in my yard on my driveway. I hung a mirror to the outdoor window and purchased a 10 x 10 sunshade -  My very own barbershop opened its doors, so to speak.  


I began to return all the messages and calls for haircuts that I’d received during lockdown, and my clients slowly started to either come to me for cuts or I’d go to them.  It didn’t take long before I was busier than ever. Safety protocols in place and masked up to the max, the summer just seemed to get hotter and hotter as a mobile on-demand barber.  Eventually, it occurred to me to market my services on a website and was born.


In March, 2021 exactly a year after being laid off, an opportunity presented itself.  A property Manager friend named Joe informed me that his buddy who opened a shop on the Sunset Strip back in 2016 had closed the shop.  The 'Like a Gentleman' space was available and for sale and so, on March 16th I went to the space and saw the potential for making this a reality. Of course, I spent the following week nervously thinking and planning, but by June 16th, the day LA planned to open without Covid restrictions, I jumped right in and ChadO’s Barber Shop was officially open for business.    


This shop is a dream come true. I never imagined something like this would ever happen, and it wouldn’t have happened had it not been for all the amazing people in my life and the group effort from my dear friends that I get to call clients. This is where my love and gratitude comes from and what ChadOs really stands for - building long lasting and treasured friendships and connections.


'Cut With Love’ is our motto because here at Chado’s, we don’t just cut hair, we cut hair with love.

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Buzz Cut
Beard Trim
Short Haircut
Long Hair

What can we do for you today?

Here's a list of the top services we offer.


Forever &

As a rule of thumb, I only use the purest and most earth-conscious products.

Pure ingredients
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"Working with Chad is a pleasure. He is respectful, communicates with clarity and possesses excellent follow-through. Chad is truly a team player."

— Madison N. Web Developer


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